Sensitive Spheres
Luis Miguel Girao

Sensitive Spheres is a multi-sensory interactive installation representing a model of interaction between field based entities. By employing bio-electromagnetism related technologies interaction is also extended to humans.

A population of foam balls containing a wireless sensory and feedback system are able to measure the intensity of each other´s electromagnetic fields as well as to detect the presence and proximity of bio-electromagnetic fields. The spacial relationship between all these fields is sent to a computer that processes the resulting information in order to control parameters of a generative musical composition. 

In this interactive installation participants can play musical parts and transform the compositional structure. They became not only musicians but also composers of that musical universe.

Sensitive Spheres employs and explores the idea of  Planetary Consciousness (Ascott) resulting from the interaction between entities. The emerging concept of Argumental Interaction (Doubochinski and Tennenbaum), along with the idea of the psyche of living matter as a consequence of physical phenomena (Del Giudice), reinforce the relevance of modulation processes in field of consciousness studies.

Transceivers are these Sensitive Spheres that transport information through different dimensions of the physical world and congregate it in a musical representation of a universe. 


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