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Session 1
Me, myself and the quantum surface
Braidwood, Cameron
Infrastructure of Human Intelligence. V. Cognitive System Theory, Structured Knowhow and Values*
Burton, Peter
Nature of Consciousness and the role of Objectivity
Gill, Richard
Transforming discriminate consciousness to pure consciousness to achieve complete mental health: a case report of contemplative neuro-scientific self inquiry
Gunathunga, Wasantha
The relationship between Consciousness and Life and the QUANTUM VACUUM with respect to mind and body and the LOCUS AND SPACE of existence
Kato, Teruo
Objective Science And Subjective Spirituality Complement Each Other: Science And Spirituality = Knowledge And Wisdom = Rational And Real = Mind And Heart
Kononenko, Igor
A New Science
Krakower, Jane
Art and the Creation of Mind
McCarthy, Christine

Schrödinger’s Cat and Descartes’ Dog: The Failure of Common Sense
Roberts, Tim
Between Knowledge and Consciousness
Sugiyama, Shigeki
Anamorphosis and Consciousness
Veres, Zoltan
The Limit(s) of Consciousness as an Outcome of Polarity
Wilkens, Sander
In the theatre of consciousness, there might be no actors but only threads
Bonzon, Pierre
The evolution of a consciousness "singularity"
Evans, Paul

The Logic of Phenomenology Instead of the Metaphysics of Phenomenality

Fink, S. Benjamin

Businesses must lead the evolution of consciousness, as the most powerful, influential trend setters in the world. Our model describes how business & technology work together to evolve consciousne

Zeituny, Natalie
Sunsets and Smiling Babies. Can "qualia" be the result of a mental lag?
Bizarro, Sara
Upasana as mental simulation
Ghosh, Maushumi

Yoga Bed For Rousing Up Internal Power (Prana)
Ghosh, Sanjay
Presence and Reality. An Option to Specify Panpsychism
Franck, Georg
Topology of the Mereological Infinite: Modeling Human Resonance as Social Networks
Davies, Jeannine
Ontologically Deaf: Questions about WHERE that lead nowhere
Holbrook, Dwight
Taxonomy of Samadhi: Toward a Phenomenologically Informed Neurophenomenological Investigation
Lucas, Merlin
Consciousness and Scientific Mind
Poochigian, Donald
Seeing Into the Heart of the Matter: A Cosmology of Consciousness
Powell, James
Substance and Subjectivity: Cantor's Antinomy and the Collapse of the State Vector
Ware, Robert
Taking Consciousness Seriously
Westcombe, Andrew
Can a materialist accept “what is it like to be a bat”?
Liu, Nai-jia
Brain, Mind, and Tech
Payne, Max
A Defense of the Soul
Sweis, Khaldoun
Troubles with Reductionsim: Emergent Property
Yang, Jack
Reportability and Phenomenal Consciousness
Goncalves, Jorge

Qualia are time bound
Lin, Chua-Hua
The Source of Qualia
Longinotti, David


A Mathematical Model of the Human Brain for Construction of Machine Consciousness and Thinking
Bergstrom, Matti
Color categorical perception origin from the language suppressing the capacity to distinguish two colors of same category
Qiang, Liu
Ischemic insults direct glutamate receptor subunit 2-lacking AMPA receptors to synaptic sites
Wan, Qi

Haecceity of Subjectivity
Biradar, Bhausaheb
Psycho-Neuro-Intracrinology: The Embodiment of Myth, Intentionality, and the Spiritual Sense of Well-being in Women at Midlife
Gordon, Susan
A Topological Analysis of the Acoustic Information Flow
Riofrio, Walter
Cultural neuroscience of consciousness: From visual perception to self-awareness
Chiao, Joan
Temporal Dissociation of Category Judgment and Response Rule Extraction: Typicality Effect Seen by Brain Potentials
Yi, Lei
Different delays of input firing as necessary condition for stereopsis; microsaccades and drifts as mechanism for 3D vision even monocularly
Alto, Eduard


Cognitive Sci & Psych
"Second Attention" as an Effect of Web-Based Musical Composition Software
Balseiro, Alan
On a Confusion about the Nature of Consciousness
Sorensen, T.A.
Using Design Approach to Creating Business Value: A Case Study of Ma Pak Leung
Li, Ken
Measuring Human Personality by Gas Discharge Visualization: A Cross-Cultural Empirical Study
Dobson, Paul
Promotion of Modafinil on Upgrading of Unconscious Homeostasis
Yan, Wenwen
Chinese “Object” Lessons on (Lost) Time: towards a new evolutionary model of time
Blessin, Joseph
The Phenomenon of Metaphor Creation: Subjective Experience and Personal Meaning at the Moment of Metaphorical Utterance
Chiang, Mei-Yan
Consciousness in all Conscience
Murthy, Srirama
How do bilinguals unconsciously process their two languages?
Wang, Xin
The linguistic nano-organ
Rodriguez, Jose M
Cognitive Analysis of Spontaneously Emerging Imagery through Kundalini Tantra Yoga
Metzger, Matthew

Interpretative Analysis of Spontaneously Emerging Images Through Unconscious Volition in Kundalini Tantra Yoga
Maddox, Josh
The accuracy of verbal reports regarding the effects of route locations on navigational choices
Yamada, Ayumi
Kant and Jung on the Unconscious Patterning Power of the Mind
Palmquist, Stephen


Existential fear: causes, symptomatic suppression, side effects and cure
Barendregt, Henk
Quantum Mechanics and the Mind
Blood, Casey
Deriving an objective physical property from introspective analysis
Castagnoli, Giuseppe
Dipole Neurology: An electromagnetic multipole solution to brain structure, function and abnormality
Lanzalaco, Felix


Experiential Approaches
ADHD in Black and White: A Novel Qualitative Inquiry in Narrative and Photographs Spanning the Racial and Socioeconomic Divide
Hatt, Sean
Ashtanga Yoga as Mind Making: A Hermeneutical Phenomenological Inquiry of the Transformative Experiences Accompanying Ashtanga Yoga Practice
Acebedo, Aimee
Dual approach to solve the problem of consciousness
Ghosh, Goutam
Consciousness, Personality, and Meditation
Hengwei, Li
A different person: how unfolding pure consciousness through insight could transform an individual
Ihalamulla, Ratnasiri
Enacting the experience of space through technological mediation: towards an enactive (and externalist) model of spatial consciousness
Steiner, Pierre


Culture and the Humanities

alpha.tribe: Alt Avatars Explore Creative Identity
Ayiter, Elif
The power of thought is strong. When patients knew the day for a surgery they get back the feeling of control and their well-being will improve
Fredriksson, Ingrid
An Altered State; Automatic Writing and the Irish Literary Revival
Cousins, Wendy
Convergences: Literary Hybridity and Metaphors of Consciousness
Lee, Janice
Altered ´States of Consciousness and Universal Literature
Mendez, Domenec
Empathy, Breath, Art and the Somato-viscero-motor System
Esrock, Ellen
Aggravating the Edges of Consciousness: Affect, Projection and Mediation in the Structural Films of Hollis Frampton, Paul Sharits and Michael S
Foskett, Shannon
Salvato, Lucia
Hypnosis in Contemporary Art
Iribas Rudin, Ana
Integrating different ways of knowing including intuition, feeling, dreaming and meditation in a therapeutic intervention design to reconnect a child on the autism spectrum with schooling
Burrows, Leigh



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