Psychic Powers Demonstration through controlled Attention, Intention, Perception and Inception
Jason Betts

Real psychic powers can be demonstrated at will, literally, by the focusing of attention using the processes of conscious control. These effects include sensing the subject's emotional state, physical health, lifestyle factors (like diet, exercise, environment) and relationships. Sometimes direct evidence of after-death experiences of family member is evidenced. At no stage is guessing a factor. The subject's consciousness is connected to by touch and no talking is permitted by the subject. The psychic reader is the only person talking, reading the energy consciousness of the subject, directly to the audience, as a matter of fact, in a matter of minutes. The ability to harness the power of the mind, especially for the intelligent high-IQ holders, is a trainable skill. The basic mechanisms and 'gears of the mind' take only minutes to learn, and the ways of information interpretation are simple and straightforward. It is merely a matter of learning to control attention, with the clear intention, in allowing the mind to explore the subject with perception, and retrieving the information with inception such that phenomena can be clearly evidenced.


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