Aurora Consurgens
Horia Cosmin Samoila and Marie-christine Driesen

We redefine an Aesthetic of Consciousness, based on the communication with virtual representations of Collective Unconsciousness and Collective Thoughts. Processing of 3D abstract shapes modulations and binaural sounds, in a biofeedback relation with two persons connected trough an autonomous EEG system, and immediate response of brain waves activity, constitute a "virtual brain" that interact in real time and create a projected space referred to inner fields of consciousness, and a diffused sonic space that redefine the acoustic structure in the real space. Considering the paradigmatic purpose that cognitive conglomerates tends to extra-territorialize itself trough development of Technologies of Information and Communication, like on a more global view, an unknown and Conscious factor tends to emerge itself trough matter and consciousness, our system propose an alternative way of communication with the fields of consciousness, trough an interactive language based on the articulation of brain waves activity and archetypal formations. This installation operate like a "Koan Zen" expecting a loop back of Consciousness to its fundamental origin.





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