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11/14/2007 - WED
Session A
Jockey Club Auditorium
Session B
Chiang Chen Studio Theater
Session C
SD Courtyard
Session D
Room A102
Session E
Room A104k
Session F
Room GH201
8.00 AM Registration
9.00 – 10.00 AM: Moderator: Lin-Lin Chen Keynote IV: Kun-Pyo Lee: Culture-centered Interaction Design 
10.15-11.15 AM  
Lin-Lin Chen 

10.15-11.15 AM      
Catherine Hu
10.15-11.15 AM  
Yanta Lam
10.15-11.15 AM  
Kristina Niedderer 

10.15-11.15 AM
Thomas Fischer

10.15-11.15 AM 
Weichen Tang
1) Designing Personalized Intelligent User Interfaces
K Bredies; G Joost; R Chow
1) Designing for Cognitive Artifacts and Activities in Clinical Care  
J H Sun; J Gregory
1) Interactive Media Design Method for Applying Real-Time Responsive Animation
Y Lim; J Lee; J Park
1) Fuzzy Evaluation Method of Virtual Reality for Urban Landscape Design
HL Wang, YF Ho; KC Chen
1) Establishing Creative-friendly Space for Design Thinking in Shared Virtual Reality in Tertiary Design Education 
KW Lau
1) Expanded Evaluation System for Design Guidelines for Universal Smart Kitchen  
YJ Ko; HR Woo; HS Youn
2) Developing and Testing a Methodology for Designing for Intuitive Interaction  
A Blackler; V Popovic; D Mahar
2) Effective Methods of Emphasizing Written On-screen Messages
J Ahn
2) A Study of the Emotion Expression Techniques of Motion Graphics: Focusing on brand web sites for mobile phones
S Kim; H Lee
2) Stimulative Mechanism for Creative Thinking 
ML Chang; JH Lee
2) Network Shapes Design Activities: ICT supporting open and shared design processes
F Valsecchi; P Ciuccarelli
2) Designing a Hand Dryer: Hygiene and comparative drying systems
A Bono; J Wang; Y Angen-Castro
3) Ensoulment and Sustainable Interaction Design  
E Blevis; E Stolterman
3) Usage Image Study on the Ways of Taking Photos by Using the Navigation Keys of the Camera Phones  
YC Tsao; SC Chan; YH Lin
3) Development of a User Interaction Identity Model as a Corporate Interaction Identity Strategy  
HJ Chang; MJ Baek
3) Creativity in Design - How designers gather information in the "preparation" phase 
C Mougenot; C Bouchard; A Aoussat
3) Integrating Art and Science Education – The ARTEM project
J Bodin; A Gogatz
3) Correlation between System Response and Moving Direction of Slide Switch Built on the Six Planes of an Object  
Y Chen; D Cai
11.45-12.45 PM 
Lin-Lin Chen
11.45-12.45 PM 
Marianella Chamorro
11.45-12.45 PM 
Batu Salman 
11.45-12.45 PM 
Roy Horan
11.45-12.45 PM  
Norman Ford
11.45-12.45 PM   
David Heap
1) Actor-Network Inspired Design Research: Methodology and reflections
B Kraal
1) Design Process Improvement for Effective Rich Interaction Design
T Park; JH Lee; S Kim; MJ Kim; M Shim; JJK Park; H Noh
1) What is Designers' Social Responsibility? Investigating new roles of designers in design participation process
Y Lee
1) The Role and Use of Creative Practice in Research and Its Contribution to Knowledge   
K Niedderer; S Roworth-Stokes
1) Traditional Material Use in a Digital World: A creative design methodology 
C Faber
1) Rural Life 2.0 – Local Infrastructure Research and Development for Shrinking Regions
B Bandyopadhyay; L Meyer; M Windisch; M Grotensohn
2) The Role of Action in User-Product Interaction  
HC You; Y Deng
2) A Legible Design using Embodiment Icon which Coincides Displays and Operations
T Fujii
2) The First Learning Experiences of Design for the BoP
DJ Carel
2) The Benefits and Limits of Investigative Designing
D Durling; K Niedderer
2) Technology and Design Thinking: A look at interior design students' conceptualizations
L Brunner
2) Reinterpretation of Traditional Culture by Developing a Real-time Composer with Sound and Pattern - Based on symbolism of traditional pattern and crossover music in Korea
JA Han; SH Oh
3) A Study on an Information Sign System Related to Users’ Wayfinding Behavior in Interchanging Above-ground Stations
MC Zheng; T Shimizu; K Sato
3) Understanding Interaction Design Using a Tiny Computer System  
T Sowa; C Yokoi; YY Zhao
3) Finding the Signs: Mapping patient/clinic narratives  
P Bruski
3) The Dual Effects of Inspiration Sources in Creative Design – An empirical study of designers’ use of analogy in design  
H Cai; EYL Do
3) Transitional Objects 
B Taggart
3) Research in Art and Design: A common ground between science and creative practice  
M Vasconcelos; M Durão
1.00-2.00 PM Lunch Break
2.00-2.45 PM Poster Session
3.15-4.15 PM  
3.15-4.15 PM   
Eli Blevis
3.15-4.15 PM   
Yanki Lee 
3.15-4.15 PM   
Maria Vasconcelos
3.15-4.15 PM   
Pooroni Rhee
3.15-4.15 PM   
Frankie Ng
Case study on Physical Interface for the Web 
CE Rim; LJ Hoon 
Designing New Casual Game Experiences
T Kim; C Kim; J Park; Y Lee; J Lee 
A Study of Compatibility Between Controls and Displays for Ultra-light Plane
L Huang; D Cai; T Liu; M Youm 
A Study on the New Media for Multi-sensory Communication of Visual & Auditory Information
H Kim; J Ahn 
Research for Revitalizing Local Performance 
SW Hong; HG Kang; KH Son  
Color Selection of Architectural Facade Taking into Consideration Surrounding Environment in Japan Y Yoshizawa 
H Hibino; S Koyama
1) Experience, Context of Use and the Design of User-Product Interactions  
M Chamorro-Koc; V Popovic; M Emmison
1) Natures Academy: Experiments in participatory design/evaluation  
C Aitken; S Baxter
1) A Study on How to Elevate Organizational Creativity of Design Organization  
WC Chang; ZH Chiang
1) Developing a Conceptual Model for the Causal Structure of Product Aesthetic Boredom 
SJ Zafarmand
1) Design Capacity and Capability: Mapping Design in Motion within the UK’s furniture manufacturing sector 
D Heap
Study on Relationship between Cognitive Dimensions of Spatial Models 
HW Lee; ST Kim 
Research for Alternative Art Gallery Based on AR
BC Kim; JS Choi 
Application of Interactive Image Mapping for the Development of Kids Robot Design 
J Seo; J Byun; S Yang; M Kim 
Development of the Design Guide-line on Intelligent Service Robot for Children 
S Yang; M Kim 
Interface Design for Robot Using Human Emotional Characteristics 
T Sowa; M Arakawa; N Ariga
2) A Design Study of Pedestrian Space as an Interactive Space
JH Park
2) Study on Outdoor Playing Equipments from the Viewpoints of Children’s Social and Physical Development
F Afsharlahoori; A Hotta
2) Investigating how Physical Environment might help Enhance Children’s Creativity
A Makhmalbaf; E Do
2) Color Preference of the Korean Elderly 
HI Cheng; KH Lee; H Lee
2) On Globalization of Design: Locating Chinese names in Communication Arts magazine  
WS Wong
3) The Comparison of Three Topological Structures Used in User Interface Design for Smart Lighting  
CH Chen; WT Chang
3) Constructing Children’s Building Behavior as a Practice of Participation - Summer Camp “Nesting”
CF Yang
3)   Where Does Creativity Come From?: Creative analysis using individual human knowledge model 
Y Mitsui; Y Nagai; T Taura
3) Beyond the Bilateral - Symmetry in Two-dimensional design  
MA Hann; BG Thomas
3) The Effect of Color Guidance on Design Communication
YC Chen; BL Wei; MS Chen
4.45-5.45 PM 
4.45-5.45 PM   
Ben Kraal 
4.45-5.45 PM   
Judith Gregory
4.45-5.45 PM   
Robert Lau
4.45-5.45 PM   
Michael Hann
4.45-5.45 PM   
Boris Bandyopadhyay
The Change of Meaning and Characteristics of Packaging Use and Culture
HY Chang; C Chuko  
Design Research Works: Case study of  
T Abel; SR Kang  
Design Guideline of Pictorial Symbols for Assisting Communication  
K Morimoto; K Matsumoto 
Visual Character of the Sugi from Tokyo Classified into the Growth Area and Grade  
K Miyashita; Y Sun; M Abe; T Shiraishi  
Design for the Problems in the Campus of University of Teheran 
B Barati; Z Tashakorinia; SJ Zafarmand
1) Understanding Dynamic Design Elements for Information Representation of Ambient Media  
JY Park; TJ Nam
1) Participatory Icon Design Process for Medical Information System   
B Salman; A Karahoca; HI Cheng
1) Perceived Creativity and Design Team Interaction  
MS Kim; YS Kim
1) Study of the Effect of Customer Requirements and Preferences: Case study of ceramics tea pot 
Y Khodadadeh; N Alanchari; MS Owlia
1) Comparing Notes: A study of perceived concept importance through text highlighting on study documents  
HA Sheward; EYL Do
Redesigning Learning Environment in Zoo By Using Mobile Network Technology 
Y Ohashi 
Exploring Emerging Spaces in Design Research 
E Sanders; P Chan 
An Investigate of Colorific Acuity in Different Background  
PS Teng; D Cai 
Kinetic Frame: The mechanical prototyping learning tool 
WS Kim 
Etymology and the Interplay of Design Terminology
PY Yang; C Chuko 
2) Real-time Interactive Media Design with Camera Motion Tracking  
J Kwon; Y Baek
2) Soft Problems in Using Consumer Electronic Products 
CJ Kim; HHCM Christiaans; DJ van Eijk
2) The Art of Dyeing in the Context of Crafts, Design and Aesthetics 
CL Fang; C Cheng
2) A study on Classifying the Form of Mobile Phones with “Eidetic Reduction Method”  
S Chung
2) Blending Art and Science – Deploying technology toward innovative ends with reference to seamless fashion creation
F Ng
3) Research for Alternative Art Gallery Based on AR 
BC Kim; JS Choi
3) Usability in Product Development: After sales information as feedback  
J van Kuijk; H Kanis; H Christiaans; D van Erijk
3) The Application of the Feature-matching Database to Design Creativity 
MH Lin; YT Chen; CC Chen 
3) The Evaluative Analysis of the Aesthetic Characteristics of the Prevailing Brands' Mobile Phones in Iran Market  
SJ Zafarmand; A Bayat; M Khazaei; S Mahmoodi
3) A Comparison on Circle-drawing Tasks between the Non-sighted People  
YH Tu; CF Wu; TJ Chung; LC Chen
Conference Dinner