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11/12/2007 - MON
Session A
Jockey Club Auditorium
Session B  
Chiang Chen Studio Theater
Session C
SD Courtyard
Session D
Room A102
Session E  
Room A104k
Session F
Room GH201
Session G  
Room GH136
8.00 AM Registration
8.45 AM Welcome Address from: Nigel Cross, Lorraine Justice, Sharon Poggenpohl
9.00-10.00 AM Moderator: Elizabeth Tunstall
Keynote I: Larry Leifer: Collaboration or Coordination: the difference between doing and trying 
10.15-11.15 AM      
Moderator: Elizabeth Tunstall

10.15-11.15 AM    
Moderator: Nicole Schadewitz 
10.15-11.15 AM
Moderator: Benny Leong 
10.15-11.15 AM
Jackie Kwok
10.15-11.15 AM

Laurent Gutierrez
10.15-11.15 AM
Tim Jachna
10.15-11.15 AM 
Xin Xiangyang
1) Managing Interdisciplinarity: A discussion of the contextual review in design research  
C Barnes; G Melles
1) The Alignment of Research Education and Industry Application  
A Williams; W Sher
1) The Conflict on Cognition between the Chinese Color Characters and Word Color  
YS Han; CT Yang
1) Study on Perception of Noise Distraction in Office-Hong Kong  
NL Pan 
1) Using Techno-Centric Networks to Develop Flexible Learning Spaces Outside Studio-Based Classrooms: Teaching and augmenting learning through network technologies
N Wragg
1) Evaluating the Role of User-generated, Online Resources in Continuous Product Design Development  
M Woolley
1) Otto Neurath's Atlas "Society and Economy": Design, contents, and context
H Ihara
2) I Wasn't Trained for This  
M Schmidt 
2) Collaborative Decision-Making: Design process toward integrated product design 
F Ng; X Wang
2) A Comparative Study on the Color Image of Buddhism in Mongolia, Korea, China and Japan  
M Sharkhuu; IK Choi
2) Color Discrimination Under the Condition in which None of the Attributes are Equalized  
C Akazawa; T Nagao; H Otsuka; G Matsuzaki; H Hibino
2) Connecting Curriculm to Industry 
KY Nam; MJ Jung; KW Lee
2) Enlargement of the Design Domain and Front Loading of Design Decision-making in a Product Development Process 
K Kawarabayashi; M Yamashita; M Fujito; Y Kitani; N Koyama
2) Intangible Heritage Valorisation: A new field for design research and practice  
E Lupo
3) The Future of Academic-Industry Collaboration  
J Roberts
3) Parallels and Connections: Emerging trends in ceramic and glass design research  
K Petrie
3) Iconography and Stigma: Graphic strategies of HIV/AIDS campaigns which target men who have sex with men (MSM) in Hong Kong 
LK Chan; R Donovan
3) Changes in the Perception of Comfortable Light Color from Partial to Holistic Spatial Planes 
3) Mixing Process and Evaluation Criteria for Meaningful Design Outcomes 
R Lederer
3) Supporting Studio Culture in Design Research  
D Fallman
3) Tools and Interpersonal Communication-Sociopetal vs. Sociofugal  
S Ekuan
11.45-12.45 PM     
Moderator: Elizabeth Tunstall
11.45-12.45 PM     
Moderator: Kevin Petrie
11.45-12.45 PM     
Moderator: Philine Bracht
11.45-12.45 PM  PERCEPTION 
Moderator: Grace Pan
11.45-12.45 PM
Moderator: Nicole Wragg
11.45-12.45 PM
Moderator: Martin Woolley 
11.45-12.45 PM  
Moderator: Hisayasu Ihara 
1) Visual Planning: How designers can facilitate it, and how it facilitates understanding in multi-disciplinary teams
V Colvin 
1) Understanding Design Collaboration: Comparing face-to-face sketching to designing in virtual environments 
L Gul; ML Maher
1) Study on Usability Methodologies in the Universal Design Process 
Y Hirai; Y Morita; N Elokla
1) Sure Looks Soft: Exploring the potential of cross-modal perception for design 
N Power
1) Designing the Next Generation of Designers  
P Rodgers
1) A Grasp of Study Characteristics of Design and Engineering Design Based on Integrated Design Model  
M Tochizawa; Y Nomura; Y Ujiie; Y Matsuoka
1) The Historic Preservation and Rebirth of the Shell Company Storage in Tamsui, Taiwan  
CY Chang
2) Paradigms and Protocols in the Study of Creative Collaboration: Implications for research of design team process and product  
T Christensen; S Yasar 
2) A Study on Representing Collaborative Web Design Project Process as Shared Reminder 
J Eune
2) The Heuristic Evaluation of a Culturally-specific Graphic for Cross-Cultural Communication 
A Bennett; S Diodato; A Gaetano
2) A Study of Recognition Rate for Icons on the Auto Bidet Seat  
CY Leung; CS Chang; DT Wu
2) Notes on Failure: Mistakes, errors, and failure in the symbolic tactics of art and product design  
TD Johansson
2) Product Design Knowledge Models: Transition from object-to-activity 
V Popovic
2) Homemakers, Domestic Wares and the Cold War: US exhibitions of design and the construction of the domesticated consumer body
G McDonald
3) Collaborative Design Research: The visualization of medical concepts 
PM Zender; K Crutcher
3) Relight My Model: New media in ideation workshops  
D Saakes; R van der Lugt
3) Designing Global Designers: New trends for the Italian design 
D Sangiorgi; M Bianchini
3) Development of Terminal Device With Tactile Feedback  
F Terauchi; M Komagamine; M Kubo; H Aoki
3) A Study on the Effect of Using a Knowledge Management System on Design Education  
PY Chu; LC Chen; WL Wei
3) Outline of a Theory of Studying Past Architectural Works  
3) Basic Research on Transition of Design Domain and Design Role in Japanese Electric Industry - By the use of "Design domain map" 
Y Kitani; K Kushi; K Kawarabayashi; M Yamashita; M Fujito; N Koyama
1.00-2.00 PM Lunch break
2.00-3.00 PM Moderator: Lorraine Justice Keynote II: Henry Steiner: FusionCrash
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Lorraine Justice
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Mike Zender
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Audrey Bennett 
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Nigel Power
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Paul Rodgers
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Daniel Fallman
3.15-4.15 PM      
Moderator: Gay McDonald
1) Learning from the Global Community  
K Beaverford 
1) Analysing Design Behaviour: The Design Thinking Research Symposium Series 
P Lloyd; J McDonnell; F Reid; R Luck; N Cross
1) A Study on the Professional Relative Ability Performance in Business of Taiwan’s Visual Communication Design Students Who Were Ever Awarded in Design Competitions – Focus on the design industry talent demand
SY Hsieh; C Cheng; C Chuko
1) Spatial Cognition and its Implications for Design 
K Sutton; A Williams
1) Basic Design Research: Parameters of Visual Form 
PM Zender
1) Search Behavior for Design Information before Concept Development  
DB Luh; TY Lin
1) ReOrient1: Researching Taiwanese Design History in the Context of World Design History 
WH Chou
2) An Anthropological Case Study of Scandinavian Food-design: The significance of ritual in consumption
KLG Salamon
2) Facilitating Collaboration: A new role for the 3D prototype in design
A Colvin
2) An Investigation of Colorific Sensitivity in Different Backgrounds 
PS Teng; D Cai
2) The Influences of Unstructured Ambiguous Figures in Ideation and Interpretation
W Tseng
2) A Phenomenographic Inquiry into a Taxonomy of Design Learning 
E Yuen
2) Investigating How the Order of Design Precedent Retrieval Impacts the Design Process  
K Jundanian
2) The Way of Chinese Design History: The formation and development of Chinese modern design 
Y Lee
3) The Development of Product Design in Hong Kong and the Influence of the Country (People's Republic of China) 
Y Lam
3) The Confluence of the Real and the Virtual 
A Williams; N Gu; L Gul
3) Sketching or CADing 
CCYC Chiuan; L Xue
3) Fundamental Principles Governing the Symmetries of Space  
BG Thomas; MA Hann
3) Developing a Taxonomy on Drawing in Design 
P Schenk
3) Design Method Based on the Concept of Emergence and its Application  
K Sato; Y Matsuoka
3) The Contribution of "Graphic Printer" to the Chinese Graphic Design Movement in the 1930s  
M Sun
Q+A Q+A Q+A Q+A Q+A Q+A 4) An Empirical Study of the Perceived Values of World-Class Design Awards for Taiwan's Design-Award-Winning Firms
TJ Sung
4.45-5.45 PM      
Moderator: Lorraine Justice
4.45-5.45 PM      
Moderator: Angus Colvin
4.45-5.45 PM     
Moderator: Robert Lau
4.45-5.45 PM      

Moderator: Anthony Williams
4.45-5.45 PM

Moderator: Eva Yuen
4.45-5.45 PM
Moderator:  Vesna Popovic
1) The Relation Between the Impression (Japanese Atmosphere and Western Atmosphere) and Interior Elements in Restaurants
M Shiraishi
1) Experimental Design Research: Genealogy - intervention - argument 
E Brandt; T Binder
1) Study on Analyzing Streetscape Color - Focused on Insadong, Seoul  
J Lee
1) Effects of Design Features on Automobile Styling Perceptions  
LL Chen; HC Kang; WK Hung
1) DESIGN PLAY - An inquiry into education design processes in Hong Kong's multicultural contexts 
R Leclerc; B Wan
1) Designerly, Reflective and Insightful Ways of Design  
P Murty; T Purcell
2) Culture-orientated Product Design  
R Moalosi; V Popovic; A Hickling-Hudson
2) Reshaping Urban Lives - Design as social intervention towards community networks 
T Franqueira
2) A Study on Color-shift of LCD with Visual Judgment Method 
CM Tsai; SS Guan; PS Hung; YY Lai
2) Perceiving Affordances through Perceptual Information 
LH Chen; CF Lee; CM Tsai
2) On the Generation and Utilization of User Related Information in Design Studio Setting: Towards a framework and a model
MO Anay
2) The Mechanisms of Product Form Classification  
CC Chang
3) Vehicle Design Research for Chinese Elderly Drivers: The culture-specific insights about older vehicle users’ travel needs 
C Zhao; V Popovic; L Ferreira; X Lu
3) Immediate, Product and Remote Design 
T Keinonen
3) A Conceptual Framework to Investigate Perceptual Dominance regarding Motion Closure for Screen Design  
J Kim
3) The Study of Attention of Advertising Visual Effect in Dynamic Environment: Taking bus advertisements as examples
PH Hsieh
  3) Product Teleosemantics: The next stage in the evolution of product semantics 
J Takamura
6.15 PM Reception / Cocktail Party at the Podium - School of Design