Product Design (BA) [Senior Year]

Brief programme outline

Programme/ Stream Code 
73416–SYP (Senior Year Admission)  
Mode of Study
Full Time
Number of Credits
Normal Period of Study
2 years 
Local Student: HK$42,100 per academic year
Non-local Student: HK$145,000 (approximately US$18,600) per academic year

Aims and objectives

The BA(Hons) in Product Design (產品設計學(榮譽)文學士) programme is to prepare students for a professional career in the design and development of products and product related services. They will learn to identify and solve the problems of product design (產品設計) systematically and strategically with sensitivity to humanistic, environmental and social concerns. It will equip learners and strategically with knowledge in fundamental design skills, general knowledge in academic literacy and a fundamental understanding of business.

The objective of this programme is to enable future designer to become a lifelong learner who can devise innovative products and services through mastering user experience research (使用者經驗研究), ergonomic criteria (人體工學), cultural appreciation (文化欣賞), aesthetic experience (美感經驗),  markets analysis (市場分析), technology opportunities (科技應用開發),  engineering and production knowledge (工程及生産知識), business awareness (商業認知), and social responsibility (社會責任) to meet the emerging needs of both the market and society of Hong Kong, the rapid evolving Pearl River Delta region, China and throughout Asia. For instance, our senior students are expected to be able to critically reflect, define and prototype concepts including but not limited to interactive product (互動産品), internet of things (物聯網産品), product with artificial intelligence and robotic design (人工智能及機械人産品). .


Is Product Design for you?

You have a passion for creating new products and items.

You have a good sense of proportion, colour and composition, and good visualisation skill.

You are a creative and independent thinker, but also have the ability to work with others in a team.

You are willing to develop a wide range of knowledge and skills such as different materials, prototyping and model making process, computer aided design, production methods, and design business.

You are open-minded, flexible and adaptable. 

You have a good communication skill in English.

Programme structure

Senior year students are required to complete a total of 63 credits in order to graduate; including 9 credits earned from General University Requirements subjects, 12 from Common Compulsory Subjects, and 42 from Discipline-Specific and Elective Subjects.

Senior Year Curriculum

General University Requirement

9 (Credits)

Freshman Seminar


Leadership & Intra-personal Development



Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)*


Cluster-Area Requirements (CAR)

Healthy Lifestyle



Common Compulsory Subjects

12 (Credits)

Communication Basics for Designers


Visual Culture 1


Design History 1


Introduction to Design Theories and Culture


Cooperative Project



Discipline-specific Compulsory Subjects

30 (Credits)

2D Communications 1 - Fundamentals


3D Communications 1 - Fundamentals


Development of Form and Space


2D Communications 2 - Sketch


3D Communications 2 - Mockup


Introduction to Computer


Studio 1 - Process and Brand


Computer 1 - Solid Modeling and Rendering

Technology 1 - Structure


Design Research - Product Design


Studio 2 – Form and Function


Computer 2 – Rapid Prototyping


Technology 2 – Materials and Processes


Studio 3 – Human Scale

Technology 3 - Ergonomics

Studio 4 – Entrepreneurship

Technology 4 – Interface Design

Design History 2 – Product Design

Professional Communication in Chinese for Design Studies

Professional Practice – Product Design

Capstone Project 1 – Product Design

Capstone Project 2 – Product Design

Portfolio Review – Product Design

Elective Subjects (Product Design elective +Elective from Product Design or other disciplines)

9 + 3 (Credits)

Soft Goods




Footwear Design


Fashion Accessories


Public Facility and Street Furniture Design


Design Meets Disabilities


Asia Study Trip (I&P)


Europe/Asia Study Trip (I&P)


Furniture Design


Special Industrial Design Project


Inclusive and Universal Design


Product Identity and Product Branding


Sustainable Product Design


 ✓ Compulsory Subjects

*Senior Year Students who fail to meet the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree LCR will be required to take up to 9 credits of degree LCR subjects.


  Project Showcase

Career prospects

Students can pursue various choices of careers upon graduation. They will be hired or self-employed as industrial/ product designers (工業設計師/ 產品設計師), product and user experience designers (産品及用品體驗設計師), design or project managers (設計或項目主管) to support startup entrepreneurship (創新企業), research & development in a manufacturer (為製造商硏究開發產品) or product design consultancies (產品設計顧問公司) in Hong Kong and overseas.

Discipline leader

Brian Lee — Discipline Leader, Associate Professor, PhD, MA, BA(Hons), FIDSHK

Brian Lee

Brian Lee is a design practitioner and educator on product, interaction and social design disciplines, with specific expertise in ageing & healthcare product design, sustainable lifestyle & consumption analysis in Asian contexts, participatory design/ co-creation approach, collaborative prototyping tools/ methods development, and with an interest in which the emerging material, cultural & technological integration, artisanal practice, production methods, and consumption practices intersect.  His current projects include future public park furniture design, intergenerational park design, envisioning new service design for an elderly nursing home, quality home living for elderly, place-making with and for elderly in rural areas in China, Japan and Korea, and eco-materials archive for sustainable product design.

Brian won numerous international design awards. He plays active roles in servicing design professional and non-profit organizations. 


Yan Tina Luximon — Deputy Discipline Leader, Associate Professor, PhD

Yan Tina Luximon

Dr. Yan Luximon (Tina) obtained her Ph.D. in Ergonomics from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Afterwards, she has worked on several research projects in universities and has acted as a consultant for companies. She joined the ergonomics design group in the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a postdoctoral fellow and she is currently an Associate Professor, BA (Product Design) Deputy Discipline Leader and Asian Ergonomics Design Lab Leader in the School. She is also the General Secretary and council member of the Hong Kong Ergonomics Society. She has been active in design research and teaching. She has published several book chapters, patents, international conference papers and peer‐reviewed journal papers. 


Teaching staff


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