Digital Media (BA) [Senior Year]

Brief programme outline

Programme Code  73432   
Mode of Study Full-time
Fund Type Government-funded
Normal Duration 2 years
Credit Required for Graduation* 64
Tuition HK$42,100 per academic year

This is a two-year full-time degree programme for local applicants. The normal credit required for graduation of this programme is 64. Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree Language Communication Requirements (LCR) based on their previous studies in AD/HD programmes and their academic performance will be required to take additional 3 to 9 credits of English and/or Chinese language subject(s) on top of the normal credit requirements.

Professional Recognition
Graduates may apply for membership in professional bodies such as:
• Hong Kong Designers Association
• The Chartered Society of Designers, UK
• Association for Computing Machinery SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques)

Aims and objectives

The programme aims to produce idea driven content designers regardless of their disciplines. It rights the paradigm of confusing creativity based on ideas with fabrication based on technical know-how. With this in mind, students are also taught the necessary technical, entrepreneurial and analytical skills in order to become self-learning and self-enabling for the successful execution of a given creative idea.


We facilitate personal growth in students through self-discovery, self-discipline, self-analysis and self-learning. We encourage independent thinking, successful positioning and inventive creation through contextual awareness, imagination, collaboration and knowledge application.

Programme structure

The programme focuses on non-interactive content creation by way of strengthening basic technical skills in video production and animation in the first year. In the second year, emphasis is placed on shifting the paradigm to think not so much in terms of technical skills but in terms of creating ideas to drive those skills. Students will be placed in real projects, providing real creative media solutions to real clients. Students will also be focusing on developing and executing their capstone project within the second year.


General University Requirements (9 credits)
• Cluster-Area Requirements subject 1 (3 credits)
• Cluster-Area Requirements subject 2 (3 credits)
• Service Learning (3 credits)
• Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)*

Discipline-Specific Requirements - Compulsory (49 credits)
• SD3961 Applied Media Aesthetics (2 credits)
• SD3965 Sound Design (2 credits)
• SD3967 Character Design (3 credits)
• SD3968 Creative Process Design (2 credits)
• SD3969 Storytelling (3 credits)
• SD4961 Entrepreneurship for Content Designers (3 credits)
• SD4962 Digital Media Studio I - Digital Video Production (6 credits)
• SD4963 Digital Media Studio II - Animation (6 credits)
• SD4964 Co-operative Project (6 credits)
• SD4971 Capstone Project 1: Digital Media (3 credits)
• SD4972 Capstone Project 2: Digital Media (9 credits)
• ELC3823 Professional English for Digital Media Design Students (2 credits)
• CLC4272P Professional Communication in Chinese for Design Students (2 credits)

Discipline-Specific Requirements – 2 Electives (6 credits)
• SD4967 Advanced Animation (3 credits)
• SD4969 Advanced Visual Effects (3 credits)
• SD4970 Advanced Storytelling (3 credits)

* Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree LCR will be required to take degree LCR subjects.

  Project Showcase

Career prospects

This programme adopts the motto of ‘content is king’ wherein ‘idea will always lead execution’. It trains content designers by giving them the necessary tools to compete in the world of digital media and digital entertainment. Given intellectual property as a significant source for economic growth, having that winning idea means a chance of being placed in a commanding position.

Discipline leader

Jae Oh (Dr) — Assistant Professor, PhD (Sejong University), MFA (UCLA)

Jae Oh (Dr)

Dr Jae Oh's teaching career began after obtaining her MFA and working in the animation and live action film industry in Korea. She has also taught in Singapore Polytechnic as Lecturer teaching animation, obersrvational drawing and studio practice and in LASALLE College of the Arts as Lecturer-in-charge for annimation arts where she was responsible for curriculum development and study programmes (diploma and degrees) management.

Dr Oh's research interest is to develop the usage of animation content across theme parks within Asia with the help of students’ focus group, realism in animation, emerging animation industry in Asia, relations between theme parks and media industry as well as nurturing local creative industry.


Step Cheung — Deputy Programme Leader, MSc, BFA

Step Cheung

Step C. studied Illustration at School of Visual Arts in New York City, Character Animation at Gobelins School in Paris, University of Windsor in Canada and Master degree in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her illustrations are published in The Standard newspaper weekly and she has illustrated for McDonald's TV commercial, Cyberport, HK magazine and different media. She loves to use a variety of media to express her imagination of the world. 


Teaching staff


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