Faculty & Research

Research within the School of Design is led by the Associate Dean (Research), Head of the School Research Committee, Members of the School Research Committee, and the Professor (Research). 

All organisations and bodies involved are supported by administrative staff headed by the Secretary responsible for research. Development activities in 2016 focus on [a] building up the School’s research organisation, [b] redirecting internal funding and [c] mapping funding sources.

1. Organisation

The main functions of the School of Design’s research organisation are strategy, quality control, research culture, and administration. These functions break into activities according to the following table.

Function Owner of the Function Activities
Strategy Associate Dean Research in general, strategy, spaces, university-level policy, exchange.
Quality Control School Research Committee (SRC)'s Chair  Administration, PhD student selection, PhD-related administration, vetting research proposals, DGRF allocations, membership in university-level research committee.
Members of the School Research Committee (SRC) Leadership of functions allocated by the School Research Committee.
Research Culture Professor (Research) Research culture: visitors, mentoring faculty, coordination of research classes.
Administration Research Secretary Administration, contacts to Research Office and Academic Secretariat.

2. Committee Members

School Research Committee Members 2017 – 2019.

Role Name Title
Chair Prof. Michael Siu Associate Dean (Research)
Deputy Chair Dr. Tina Luximon Assistant Professor 
Members Prof. Laurent Gutierrez Professor 
Dr. Kenny Chow Associate Professor  
Dr. Newman Lau Associate Professor  
Dr. Gerhard Bruyns Assistant Professor
Dr. Jorn Buhring Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Hanna Wirman Assistant Professor
Ex-officio Dr. Henry Ma Interim Dean of School
Secretary Ms. Emily Leung Executive Officer

3. Key Activities

School of Design's annual key research activities include:

Activity Purpose Process Owner Approximate Time
PhD Summer School PhD Seminar Associate Dean, School Research Committee Chair Early August
Annual Retreat Sharing development with all faculty Associate Dean Late August
GRF/ECS Application Generating competitive grant proposals School Research Committee
2015-2016: Dr. Tina Luximon
April -November in stages
PhD Student Selection Selecting PhD students School Research Committee
2015-2016: Dr. Gerhard Bryuns
October -November
DGRF Decision about DGRF funding Associate Dean January - Feburary, April - May
PhD Winter School Annual main PhD seminar Associate Dean, School Research Committee Chair January
Staff Event Sharing information, starting GRF/ECS applications Associate Dean April - May
DAA Visit Prepareation for Departmental Academic Advisor's visit Associate Dean, School Research Committee Chair May - June

4. Key Processes

Information about core processes:

Audience Purpose Link to Document
GRF/ ECS process 2016 GRF/ECS process
Prof. Ilpo KoskinenL Staff Event, May 2016
Generating competitive grant proposals Prof. Ilpo Koskinen: GRF/ECS notes
Art funding: Prof. Laurent Gutierrez
Consultancy, ITF, and collaborative funding: Prof. Tak Lee and Dr. Jorn Buhring
Good-to-know academic principles Prof. Ilpo Koskinen - Retreat 2015
DGRF process DGRF process 2016
School Research Committee Members Terms of Reference of the SRC Term of Reference

5. Directives

From Document
UGC RAE 2014 Panel Excerpt: recommendations for School of Design
DAA DAA 2015 Keiichi Sato's final DAA document

6. Other Useful Links

Libraries: Deutsche NB // British Library // ACM

Directives that shape SD's research environment
Design-friendly funding sources
Ilpo Koskinen, 2016-
Ilpo Koskinen, old