Design Legacy: Public Design Lab

Selected research project(s):


“Playful Public Design by Children” Exhibition

“Playful Public Design by Children” is an inclusive design research project co-led by Public Design Lab of the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and CreativeKids, a group of art and design studios for children and teenagers in Hong Kong. The research project, started at March 2019, involved kid art educators as facilitators, 1,023 children with their family who applied design thinking in Shing Mun Country Park. In a real-life research setting, they learnt to take a critical look at the relationship among human, animals and nature so as to apply design thinking on the public space, facilities and structures. They attempted to identify and solve problems through creating whimsical treehouses, gazebos, observation towers, playful tools, monkey signage, recycling bins and self-directed design.

The collaboration helps to create an understanding across academics, professionals, designers, architects, educators, parents and anyone interested in public participation in inclusive public design that shapes the environment we all live in.

The creative design proposals with augmented reality by the participating children are exhibited in this event.