Yang Sheng Journey Re-design

Chinese medicine health care tremendously influences Hong Kong. A great variety of health care measures are popular in the territory. Initially, the pursuit of healthy lifestyle is a good idea. However, yang sheng (health preservation) confusions arise in contemporary society.

Since early childhood, most Hong Kong people acquire health knowledge from mainstream western medicine. In general, local education is lack of fundamental Chinese medicine principles and identification of individual physique. Without a proper understanding of Chinese healthcare principles and personal constitution, blindfold conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) might constitute rare diseases or disorders.

Chinese herbalists emphasise individual differences in yang sheng. "Identification of physique followed by preventive treatments; identification of evidence followed by conditioning treatments." In other words, precise identification of constitution and illnesses is the priority. Then it is essential to confirm personal health preservation principles and particular treatment methods. Different physical symptoms reflect relative changes of the physique. Therefore, the insight of body signs and variations in syndromes will help us confirm our physique. Simply learn basic principles of self-observation in Chinese medicine, take a positive approach to the conditions of our body and converse with them. In this way, preventive measures make before illnesses. Alternatively, worsening of diseases in progress can be avoided.

This design project aims at encouraging and empowering individual health seeker the abilities of constitution identification. Simply learn basic self-observation principles of TCM and maintain regular observation. In this way, proper preventive measures and maintenance guide by one's physique constitution.

Supervising Tutor:Brian Kwok


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