Unreleased Story 未完之作

Keung(強), a film student , investigating the reason of a young actress,Yan(昕),who gave up on her acting career after her last filming.

He then interviewed an actress, Ching(晴),who was in the same short film with Yan in their last production.

As Ching’s description,  the last short film Yan participated was created by Kit(杰),who was an old friend of Yan.

During the interview,Keung (強)discovered that Kit(杰)  lied to Yan(昕) in the production ,filming a short film she did not want to film, causing a fight between Yan(昕)and  Kit(杰) ,and gave up her acting career.

夢想成為電影導演的中學生 - 杰,畢業前與自己班上的好友 - 昕,也是出演自己製作的實驗影片的演員約定,一天一同以演員及導演的身份踏上電影院。 2年後,昕卻突然放棄演員生涯。中學時期一直暗戀昕的學弟 - 強,沒法接受昕放棄成為演員的事實,決定追查昕放棄的原因,發現數個月前昕最後參與的拍攝正是由杰製作,於是邀請當時參與製作的晴進行訪問,展開對該次拍攝展開調查。

Supervising Tutor: Step Cheung