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People generally assume that there is a connection between hygiene and uncleanliness, but this relates to personal judgment. Uncleanliness is not necessarily “unclean”. “Unclean” is subjective, as different people have different perspectives toward uncleanliness.

This project is exploring the concept of uncleanliness from a new angle. Specifically, I am curious about people’s response when the association of hygiene and diseases is removed.

This project aims to explore, reinterpret, stimulate discussion and interrogate the meaning of uncleanliness through perception and its manipulation. It is not about what uncleanliness is, but about turning the known into the unknown. A new position is offered to question our ideas and assumptions. The authenticity of the known is stimulated through a new point of view. This project offers to re-evaluate our understanding of uncleanliness. Some contradictions are intentionally generated by the design in order to invite us to reflect on our judgement about “clean” and “unclean”.




Supervising Tutor: van EENOO, C


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