The Unnatural Nature 不自然大自然

According to the Hong Kong Police Force, a total of 80 animal cruelty cases were recorded in 2017. Shockingly, just for the first two months in 2018, already 13 animal cruelty cases were recorded. Among these cases, some are particularly violent and very concerning. Based on the “Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l'animal” (The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights), all creatures should be respected as they enjoy equal rights to subsistence. It is humankind's responsibility to fight for the more benevolent rights of those who cannot speak. This project is focused on a group of stray animals in Hong Kong that is often forgotten, stray cows. Stray cows make up the third highest number of stray animals in Hong Kong, yet they receive much less concern than dogs and cats. The project aims to arouse the public’s attention and forge a better understanding of the need for animal protection beyond the protection of dogs and cats.

根據《世界動物權利宣言》,所有生物都應受到尊重,因為他們享有平等的生存權利。 為不能說話的,爭取更仁慈的權利是人類的責任。 項目專注於一群經常被遺忘的香港流浪動物-流浪牛。流浪牛是第三多的香港流浪動物,但與狗和貓相比,它們的關注度要低得多。項目旨在喚起公眾的關注,並更深入了解動物保護這個議題。

Supervising Tutor: COPPOOLSE, Anneke