The Invisible City: Social Media System

This project is to explore a new form of spatial practice by the creation of social media system, all focused around a renewal of an empty creative industrial park.

The project was not only about the creation of a physical space and spatial connection within the city and a place where the social barrier between artists and the audience was broken down by a freedom of space, but also a social media system to promote the potential stakeholders connected together to influence and shape the spatial form of the area.

Three elements:

The Arts ? establish a permanent facility for the existing creative artists’ community that makes the ‘arts’ visible within the mega city.

The Public ? the provision of a public and community space that encourages social interaction through the freedom of exchange.

The Threshold ? expand the threshold into the gallery space and place art in life.

Three stages, one of which needs to base on the former’s contribution:

The site ? focus on the spatial design of the site and establish the Media Institute & Maolong Rigional Development Agency as a way to establish the stakeholders map.

The community ? push the spatial practices of the community of the site through the design of the Theme Route and the development of the Social Media System on a community scale.

The city ? connect the site with other art zones in Beijing spatially, culturally and educationally through the public transportation design and the development of the Social Media System on the city scale."


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