Silhouette of you 全景監獄

We have always want to distinguish strange and normal. But never thought about what is normal and what is strange. The so-called normal, there is no fixed standard. We want to tell audience “Everyone has their own strange, but strange is normal in itself.”

In the story, There are four characters. The main character Mr. Chen was judge by others. But just like reality, we don’t know the whole context of the whole thing and follow the intuition or standard of normal. When judgement is made, Mr Chen targeted by the normal person and he must be a weird person. He must have done something wrong with no reason, no one want to know why.

We live in a world full of strange. Because of strange, we can make some surprising and unexpected actions at the right time. Because of strange, thoughts can escape the normal world and not be restrained.

Supervising Tutor: Calvin Chan