OptiMinder – Achieving Mental Wealth

OptiMinder is a concept for a virtual assistant that helps people to reach their aspirational wealth goals with the use of the latest technology. The concept is based on three main ideas. First, tracking everyday life activities that have an impact on mental health seamless and effortless with sensor technology. Second, making sense of the tracked data with AI and Machine Learning. Third, providing personal real-time impulses with AR technology.

OptiMinder creates a new experience of how personal data will be tracked and even more importantly how users understand the data in relation to their aspirational goals. Compared with other products in the mental health segment, OptiMinder differentiates through its holistic and integrated approach and is positioned at the upper right with a high style and high technology component. Also with the physical product design, OptiMinder tries to go in a different direction as conventional wearables and designed a behind-the-ear stick combined with AR glasses.

OptiMinder has been developed with a multi-disciplinary project team in the SD5202 Innovative Products and Services Development class as part of the Master of Design programme at PolyU. The goal of the course was to elaborate a product for the year 2025 in Greater China that uses technology as an enabler with the context of health, wealth, living and mobility.