Made in Hong Kong 山寨玩具

The term 'knock-off toy' (山寨玩具: Saan Zaai wun geoi) has been regarded as negative by Hong Kong people. The history of Hong Kong knock-off toys has been little documented, as these types of toys were produced to replace more valuable imported one in the old days. They were a different productions, categories and sales. On the other hand, Hong Kong knock-off toys are noted as a collective memory of Hong Kong people; they are the tangible form that witness the development of the city and the growth of its citizens. Referring to history, Hong Kong toy culture has brought positive effects to Hong Kong economic and social wealth. However, this significant history has been gradually vanishing or ignored by Hong Kong residents. Yet, it is important and meaningful to preserve it.

對香港人而言,“山寨”一詞有著負面意思。並不太多文獻紀錄香港山寨玩具的歷史,因為這些山寨玩具都是一些高價進口玩具(正版玩具)的代替品。它們在制作,系列及銷售上都與正版玩具不同。除此之外,山寨玩具亦被認為是香港人的集體回憶。它們一直見證著香港的成長。 根據歷史記載,香港玩具業對香港經濟及社會有著重要影響。但這段重要的歷史正漸漸被香港人遺忘。因此,保存及研究這段歷史是相當重要亦十分有意義。

Supervising Tutor: Brian Kwok