Let's Chillazy 來一躺

Background: In the social gathering, people always being late and they need to waste the time on waiting each other who have a different expectation for dating and sense of time. It is difficult to change the behaviour. Therefore, I am going to reduce the conflicts between them but not going to change their beliefs or help any sides of them to convince the others.

Brand: Chillazy is a place for people to take a rest in this fast-paced city. It can be a good way to reduce the conflicts between them. For Chillazy, reducing this social issue for people can be a selling point to boost their business.

Missions: There are 3 missions I was going to complete for Chillazy and the society. For Chillazy, I hope the project can raise the awareness from the target audience. Also, it can promote their selling point to the public without limitation from government. For society, encouraging people to take a rest with a quality environment in this fast-paced city. 

Supervising Tutor: Manto Yiu


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