Let the heart flow. 隨心逐流

現時香港Busking 文化普遍印象是表演質素參差,但這不是單方面表演者的責任。同時,香港人習慣隱藏自己的情緒,令表演者與觀眾之間欠缺溝通、交流。對於一個街頭藝人來說,沒有其他的東西比觀眾的回應重要。這是為City Echo,香港街頭音樂聯盟設計的廣告。作品分為三個階段去宣揚Busking 文化是一個互相給予肯定、雙向關係:好的觀眾也可以帶來好的表演者。從學習如何成為一個更好的觀眾,以觀眾角度出發去改善問題。第一階段「隨心逐流」,四段演繹不同生活情境配合不同翻唱歌曲的網上短片 ; 第二階段「滿瀉情感 寫滿感情」,以免費換領、配戴襟章的方式去鼓勵觀眾表達自己的情感,而其包裝形式啟發自 Perks Production 的簡單摺合設計,去保護襟章扣的同時留有空間提供資訊 ; 以及第三階段「有請下一位」觀眾利用襟章包裝附上的編碼於網上投選出下期表演音樂單位。

In Hong Kong, the general impression of the busking culture is that performance quality varies. However, this is not the unilateral responsibility of performers. At the same time, people in Hong Kong are prone to hiding their emotions. There is a lack of communication between the performers and the audience. For a busker, another thing is less important than the response of audiences.  This is an advertisement design for City Echo, Hong Kong street music alliance. The champaign divides into three stages to promote the busking culture which is a two-way relationship between the performer and the audience: A good audience can also bring good performers. Resonating with the audience learn how to become a better audience, and solve the problem from the perspective of the audience. In first stage “LET THE HEART FLOW”, four online videos show different life scenarios which cover different songs*. In second stage “FILL THE BEANS, FILL IN YOUR FEELINGS”, it is a self-serve giveaway booth to encourage expressing their emotions. The pin’s packaging form is inspired by Perks Production's folding design, which protects back lock of the pin and there is space for information. In third stage “THE NEXT BUSKER”, it is an online voting website which use the code of pin packaging for inviting the next musician. 

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