It's time to meet new friends 都係時候識返啲新朋友

Most of the people agree that knowing new people is necessary and nice. However, it is always hard to motivate people to move their first step. Apart from being shy, their desires are relatively low as they are surrounded by friends.

Indeed, people do appear the thoughts of knowing new people or friends in their daily lives while their friends and family cannot accompany with them on certain activities or moments.

In similar waters, similar fish are found. However, you might not be able to stay with your friends all the time and to all activities. They might not show interest in certain activities which you are interested in. Sometimes, they are too busy with their work and cannot attend the gathering with you. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your plans. You could expand your social circle and meet up with people share similar interests.

By showcasing the moments that people would like to make new friends, people can be connected easily to the idea of making new friends through MeetUp, so as to find people with similar interests.

Supervising Tutor: Francis Hung


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