Interactive Proxemics – Le Fantôme Papillon

Interactive Proxemics

Proxemics is defined as "the study of the use of space by human beings in a particular culture." A typical pattern might explain how the arrangement of physical elements in space discourages or encourages conversation or interaction. Proxemics is used to describe the cultural distinctions between intimate, personal, social and public space. In this course, students have developed 4 prototype designs that will each have the capacity to exhibit interactive sociofugal and sociopetal abilities.

In this course Embedded Interaction Workshop led by Visiting Professor Michael Fox, four groups of Interaction Design (MDes) students present their intelligently responsive kinetic structures and systems that create spaces and objects that can physically re-configure themselves to meet changing needs.

« Le Fantôme Papillon »

Walls separate.

Bring together.

Walls guide.

Listen, and they speak.