Healing With Art: An Illustration Book For Youth To Release Pressure 藝術自療:畫走你的壓力情緒

The Hong Kong young generation in particular is under tremendous pressure. The research had revealed the Top 7 sources of pressure of local young people, which are: 1) Career Prospect; 2) Academic Achievement; 3) Parental Expectation; 4) Relationship; 5) Financial Pressure; 6) Social Environment; 7) Personal Values.

The design concept of this project is based on “Art as therapy”, which puts emphasis on the healing effect of art making process. This project has experimented on using different art mediums and colours to create illustrations of the Top 7 sources of pressure according to their characteristics. It aims to encourage young people to create their artworks and diagnose their emotional problems as a means to heal themselves and reduce stress.




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