Hong Kong’s children has been growing in a arranged life and their parents ignore their actual need in their life. Most of them are studying accompany with pressure and over-expectation. Obviously, they have no time and no idea with what they need and want. They are living because of the expectation of parents rather than their actual needs. Of course, it was some successful case for parents who had great ambitions for their child. However, most of them suffered defeat. In some case, children had no idea of how to set a target for their life when they grow-up, and they didn’t know what is the meaning of life.

香港的孩子一直在安排生活,他們的父母忽視了他們生活中的實際需要。 他們中的大多數人都伴隨著壓力和超出預期而學習。 顯然,他們沒有時間,也不知道他們需要什麼和想要什麼。 

Supervising Tutor: AMELIE


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