Pet’s products are conquering an incredible and growing market share all over the world. People are treating their dogs as child or using them as a palliative for their missing affections. Other than food and necessities people are spending money for pets’ decorative purposes, such as dresses and accessories to make their pets look and feel good.

DOG’sEYEWEAR is taking care both of the decorative and the functional aspect. By being sunglasses it is a powerful self-image statement and at the same time it is an effective protection against uncomfortable sun, dangerous UVs and weather adversities.

DOG’sEYEWEAR aims to satisfy sizing, fit, comfort, aesthetics, personal vanity, and self-image of different dogs’ breeds, such as a “SPORTY” look and aesthetics for Labrador, a “TOUGH” and “AGGRESSIVE” look for Doberman and a “GENTLEMAN” look for Boston Terrier.


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