Depression is a widespread modern day disease, an ubiquitous mental illness especially in overpopulated metropolitan regions. An extensive number of people suffer from it, but a lot of them keep it hidden in an attempt to heal by themselves. Most of the time the reason is shame and fear of being judged or labelled. This project does not try to cure depression. It is rather pointing out its presence and dangers, in an attempt to draw attention.

抑鬱症是一種很常見的都市病,無處不在,特別是在人口密集的市區。 大量的人受它影響,但是很多人都選擇隱藏起來,試圖自己治療,原因是懼怕別人判斷或貼上標籤。 這次設計中並沒有嘗試治愈抑鬱症,反而重點指出它的存在和危險,引起大眾關注。


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