Chek Lap Sans & airport signage typography 赤鱲黑體及機場指示設計

This project includes 2 parts: Chek Lap Sans the typeface and the signage typography designed for Hong Kong International Airport.
Chek Lap Sans is a Chinese typeface designed specifically for lightbox signage of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), with considerations of legibility of type on lightbox, clearness of strokes and representation of personality. It targets to enhance effective communication of information on airport signage and serve as a unique choice for HKIA in terms of functionality and branding.
Meanwhile the signage typography is reconsidered based on existing problems and context of use, including findings from user test and user interview.
The project aims to provide a unique solution for the signage at HKIA, to improve user experiences in their first steps in the city.

Supervising Tutor: Brian Kwok


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