This project continues from last semester’s theme of “X in a post Y world”: Materiality and Construction in a Post- Technological world. Previously I researched and analysed several empirical studies of vernacular architec-ture, which explored the appropriateness of sustainable living through en-vironmental awareness and respective human attitudes.

In recent decades humans have lost the ability to understand the origins, componentry, and meaning articulated through their built environment, along with the fundamental craftsmanship to create or challenge it. This is due to an excessive dependency on technological manufacturing.

Therefore, the proposed project will explore a future where a cap on re-source usage has been reached. This brings about the end of mass con-sumption and a stop to the automated factories of mass production. The aim is to raise awareness and educate the public of this probable future and to offer a preferable future that seeks an equilibrium between humans and the environment.



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