A Way to Retreat








In-between Black and White


This project is an experiential sequence for prisoners to have a self retreat time along the designed path and enjoy family time at gathering centre. It creates an outside reintegration opportunity for prisoners and their families by redefined a gray zone between prison and free world.

 It is trying to blur the boundaries between prisoners and the society thus the existing social system. In the designed area, their identities are no longer the prisoners but the members of their families. It allows the users to be free which encourage an in-depth communication with their families without the sense of being under surveillance.


Project objectives

  • . To create a transitional space for preparation to reintegrate to the free world
  • (Preparation for mental, reflective path, calmness space, social interaction)
  • . To strengthen the connection between prisoners & their families, thus the society
  • . To provide a platform to gather the prisoner’s families and enhance their relationship
  • . To enhance rehabilitation & reintegration by improving/recalling social communication skills


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