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'A time for production, a time for life', this is the wisdom that Chinese Almanac teaches us. Simply, Chinese Almanac is about time, our everday life. It is treated as a guidebook of our daily activities. However, nowadays, how many people truly understand the wisdom of Chinese Almanac? 'A time/ at times' is a set of lifestyle guides (guidebooks) developed based on the wisdom of the Chinese Almanac. It records information about farming at times, eating at times, and travelling at times. It can be used as reference and being applied in everyday life.

「生產有時,生活有時」這是黃曆教導我們的智慧。黃曆與我們生活息息相關,是一套生活指南。但是,又有多少人真正認識黃曆呢? 《造曆有時》是一套以黃曆為基礎而創作的生活指南, 當中記錄了有關依時種植、依時飲食,以及依時遊玩的資訊,供人參考及應用於生活中。

Supervising Tutor: Amy Chow


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