EID Project Exhibition

The ‘Qamarah’ Eye – Vertical Studio 2016

Exhibition Background

The 2016 Environmental and Interior Design (E+I) Vertical Studio documents and explores the Hong Kong interior environment through photographic survey. Students across the four years of the E+I curriculum are tasked with venturing off campus to photograph interior spaces first under guidance of a typological taxonomy, then delving deeper into specific spatial, sociological, and phenomenological criteria. The results of both surveys were curated to select images that most saliently capture important aspects of the interior environment in Hong Kong, in its typological complexity and varying character of spatial intimacy. These resulting photographs, which are to be published in a forthcoming publication, are the first in a biannual series of similar studies seeking to give voice and cogency to the spaces that form the material, economic, and social makeup of Hong Kong.

Awards were given to 6 project based on technique and approach to photography and the interior.