International Summer School - Distinguished Lecture Series


10:00AM-10:30AM Registration 10:30AM-12:00NN Lecture

Outside-In: Spatial inversions and the interiorisation of HK

The unique spatial conditions and high densities found in HK create new forms of city development and impact how we engage with the city. For instance the spatial inversions that lead to the interiorisation of HK’s former vibrant street life contribute to an increasing separation of civic and private realms and allow us to situate recent rises in civic unrest. The lecture explores some of the implications for this unique condition and outlines a critical framework through which we can position these emerging tendencies in urban development terms and in terms of the spatial design professions. 

Speaker: Mr Peter Hasdell
Associate Professor, Discipline Leader E+I,
Deputy Programme Leader, Architect, Planner

Students, teachers and parents are welcome.

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