Studio Exhibition - Interactive Media

SD3769 Computer Game Design

Programme: Interactive Media (BA)

Tutor: Huaxin Wei

Aims of the subject

The goal of this course is to expose design students to the broad realm of computer games and interactive entertainment and to equip those who intend to pursue further in the profession with necessary knowledge and skills. The course will introduce the main elements, rules and methods, as well as the process of game design. Students will play, study, read and write about games, as well as involve in the game design process. In the tutorials, students will go through an iterative game design process, using the concepts and methods learned in the lecture, and design two games—one computer game and one board game. Students will also conduct a number of game critiques focusing on different sets of design aspects. In addition to concepts and methods of game design, students will also become aware of the current practice, trends and issues of game design in the industry.

Learning objectives
Professional skills
* understand the formal elements of game design
* understand the game design process and game design models
* analyze game design from a variety of perspectives such as narrative, level design, rewards, balance, progression, pacing, etc.
* carry out iterative game design process including concept design, prototyping and play testing
* document game design
Transferable skills
* think critically and algorithmically
* reflect critically on their learning process
* communicate effectively and precisely using technical terms