"Seven Day Plywood" Exhibition

Student projects from "SD3468 Furniture Design" (Industrial & Product Design) are exhibited at SD Gallery until 23 March.

Working in groups of two, the students were asked to design and make a load-bearing chair within a weeks time period. Using only 12mm plywood, construct the lightest possible chair that meets the ergonomic and load criteria outlined on project launch day. They should base their design on the 12mm thick 4 x 8 plywood sheets made available to them. The fabrication of their chair should be planned around the tools available at the the PolyU – table saw, cnc router, band saw, etc.

Subject Name
SD3468 Furniture Design (I&PD)

Subject Tutors
Scot Laughton
Santina Bonini

Project 2
One Week Chair
Project launched Week 6 - Tuesday Feb 24 , Due Week 7 – Tuesday March 6

1. Chan Ka Long (Kalong) & Chen Siu Wa (Match)
2. Siu Tien Sum (Ball Ball) & Luk Cheuk Fung (Kelvin)
3. Cheung Kai Chu (Jack) & Zhang Wenwei (Wenwei)
4. Ho Chun Kin (Kenneth) & Leung Chung Kin (Kevin)
5. Josh Kerr & Mak Sui Yin (Roger)
6. Lee Nga Yin (Angel), Suen Ka Hei (Catherine) & Lau King Man (Wendy)
7. Lee Sui Wing (Jasper) & Tao Tsz Chun (Keith)

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