Studio Exhibition - Advertising Design

SD2863 Concept 1: Copywriting

BA (Hons) Scheme in Design / Advertising Design – Year 2

Tutor: KC Tsang

Project Brief
Project 1: A Print Ad Campaign for VitasoyThe project required students to rejuvenate the long lasting Hong Kong brand Vitasoy with a copy-driven print ad campaign. 

Project 2: A Poster Campaign for BAD of SD, PolyU The project required students to attract the good quality applicants while screening out those who are less committed.

To do so, students needed to carry out the following tasks:
1. Advertising strategy development:
Students needed to identify the problems and opportunities, to define the advertising objectives, to study the brand essence, target audience, competitors; and finally to come up with the proposition.

2. Creative idea development:
Students needed to deliver the proposition in a creative way, in order to effectively and efficiently engage readers. They also needed to creative a campaign with several versions that based on the same creative platform.

3. Copy craftsmanship:
Students needed to craft the copies with proper rhetoric, so that they carried the appropriate tone and manner. 

Presentation Requirement
The copies should be properly typeset and layout. However, the overall art direction of these campaigns was not the main focus. (It will be further developed in other appropriate courses.)