[PolyU & You] Robot Alice: The Science behind an Application that Stole the Hearts Worldwide

Loneliness is a major problem our ageing societies are facing. In view of it, Professor Johan Hoorn worked with Professor Elly Konijn of Vrije University Amsterdam to develop “Alice”, combining artificial intelligence with remote-controlled functions. 

'Alice’ is an electromechanical grandchild with the goal to relieve loneliness and improve the quality of life of elderly by being a helping hand for care takers and a buddy to the older adult. The robot girl requires a form of interaction in which the AI system can show feeling for the user and the user gets an emotional connection with the robot. All without the robot inadvertently ending up in the 'uncanny valley', the area where people start to freak out about the machine because of too much lifelikeness.

Professor Hoorn will unveil the secrets of Robot Alice in this webinar targeting young people from secondary schools. All students who are interested in design, technologies, artificial intelligence are welcome to join.

This is part of the "PolyU & You Online Lecture Series". In addition to Professor Hoorn's session, other speakers from PolyU faculties will give talks on different interesting topics.