PhD Seminar by Louise McWhinnie – Transdisciplinarity: problem spaces, disciplinary spaces, and the redefinition of boundaries

The world is changing at an unprecedented speed, generating 'wicked problems' that require new approaches to those contained within existing disciplinary practices.

This seminar is presented by a designer, who in the last decade has predominantly shifted into the transdisciplinary space. It provides examples of wicked problems that transcend boundaries and require transdisciplinary approaches, and does so by examining approaches, challenges, methods, curiosity, risk and failure, complexity, connection and connectivity.

This seminar does not present definitive answers. Instead, it throws down challenges, designed to evoke curiosity and build capacity to think differently across, between and beyond traditional disciplinary ownership.

Louise McWhinnie, Emeritus Professor, University of Technology Sydney

Prof. Louise McWhinnie is an Emeritus Professor, previously the inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation at The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and before that the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. Prof. McWhinnie has lived and worked as a designer and academic in three continents (Europe, Asia, and Australia), with her research conducted predominantly within a fourth (North America).

With UTS's transdisciplinary vision, Prof. McWhinnie was one of a small core team of academics who designed and launched Australia's first undergraduate transdisciplinary programme, which quickly grew to become amongst the university's most sought-after programmes, and is now accompanied by postgraduate and doctoral programmes. With its significant integration of industry, staff and students work with industry partners to address wicked, complex and connected problems beyond the boundaries of singular disciplines, such educational innovation has resulted in numerous awards.

Louise’s own design research and its integration into teaching has also resulted in national and university awards and citations. She has undertaken radio and TV interviews, and delivered keynotes and masterclasses in Sydney, Auckland, London, Singapore, Istanbul, Washington DC, Chicago and Boston (amongst others).

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