"PERSONA L" Exhibition


is a collection of selected poster sets designed by year 4 Product Design students as a foundational element of final deliverable on SD4468 Portfolio Review course in the second semester of school year 2020/21.

Professional and personal values and design beliefs are the drivers behind creative endeavour of each designer that give distinctive, unique properties to the final outcome that reflect that author only. They are the materialization of a credo that each student will hold on to as they leave PolyU and a guideline towards their next projects.

Even though these qualities may be embedded in all of their projects inherently to an extent, it is still not clear what those values are until a deliberate effort is made to identify, extract and present them as a strong visual (or visuals) layered with references. Since young designers still have not fully matured into their complete selves, those values to a degree are something that is still malleable. As long as everything stays honest, conscious and informed choices can be made to further mould their work-avatar in the world of creation. Ultimately, this marriage of who one simply is (innate talents) and who one is striving to become (chosen values) is what is presented here following the rules of visual communication (and/or breaking them here and there).

The outcomes exhibited in Persona L collection are personal-professional issues of the authors, candidly laid out and shaped into a larger-than-life persona in an attempt to be relatable, interesting, appealing, meaningful and competitive. Design values shown on these posters are the path, fuel, intellect, emotion and the key that is shaping a promise made by our students.

Course tutor: Marko Stanojevic