Online Lecture Series on BA Programmes: Environment and Interior Design (BA)


Space with Emotion

What if…

We could create a space to express emotions, moods, feelings, and character?

Build architectural spaces that function to accommodate our work and living?

More than just being functional, an enclosed space could have its own character and expression, and even its own life?

Join the upcoming "Space with Emotion" talk by Mr Michael Chan, Senior Teaching Fellow of Environment and Interior Design to find out how. 

Speaker: Mr Michael Chan, Senior Teaching Fellow of Environment and Interior Design
Discipline: Environment and Interior Design
Medium of Instruction: Lecture in Cantonese, supplemented with English; Q&A in English or Cantonese 
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如果…… 我們可以創建一個能表達情感、情緒、感覺和性格的空間,應該怎麼辦?

建築和室內空間為我們的工作和生活提供了功能。 除了功能之外,封閉的空間還具有自己的特徵和表達方式,甚至是自己的生活。


講師: 陳翔先生,環境及室內設計高級專任導師
學科: 環境及室內設計
教學語言: 粵語輔以英語;問答環節則以粵語或英語進行