Online Lecture Series on BA Programmes


We are launching an online design lecture series starting from 13 May to 24 June 2020, every Wednesday at 4pm. Scholars from Advertising Design, Communication Design, Environment & Interior Design, Product Design, Social Design, Digital Media and Interactive Media will give a 30-minute lecture each on related topic.

General public and students planning to pursue higher tertiary education in design are all welcome to join. 


For details, please click the title below:

o   Product Design  - Can a Product be Designed to Heal Relationships? (13 May)
o   Environment and Interior Design - Space with Emotion (20 May) 
o   Social Design - Designing with Community? (27 May)
o   Digital Media - Life is Motion (3 June)
o   Communication Design - Paper 2: Design (10 June)
o   Interactive Media - Designing Interactive Media (17 June) 
o   Advertising Design - Design Thinking and Advertising (24 June)

*Please note that the lectures will be conducted from 4:00 pm to 4:35 pm in real time via the Zoom platform.

Medium of Instruction: Lecture in Cantonese, supplemented with English; Q&A in English or Cantonese 

You can now watch the previous lectures on YouTube.



理大設計網上講座系列 - 文學士課程


o   產品設計 - 產品設計搞「醫」科?
o   環境及室內設計 - 空間與情感
o   社會創新設計 - 回到社群的設計故事
o   數碼媒體 - 動態學
o   傳意設計 - 試卷二 設計 乙 部 : 設計創作
o   互動媒體 - 互動媒體設計
o   廣告設計 - 設計思維與廣告

*請留意,所有講座將實時以Zoom 作為網上直播平台。

教學語言: 粵語輔以英語;問答環節則以粵語或英語進行

現可從 YouTube 上重温講座。