Material Talk Series: Wall system in green solution

Infrastructure is the base of a city - new building materials are being developed to improve efficiency and reduce construction costs.

AUGREEN Block Wall System - a high-quality and lightweight gypsum block for the efficient erection of non-load-bearing internal partition walls. The structure of the wall system allows flexible, and versal uses. AUGREEN Blocks are integrated solutions for fulfilling various requirements such as high quality of products and services, shorter project time, lower costs, safer sites, better appearance, faster and easier installation and simpler coordination.

This talk will cover:

  • What Beam plus design is;
  • What AUGREEN is;
  • How the environment is taken into account;
  • What AUGREEN lightweight plaster is;
  • Case study; and
  • Q&A.

Language: Cantonese

Speaker: Mr Ricky Tsang  | Founder and CEO of  CaSO Engineering (HK) Company Limited

Moderator: Man Tsang | Officer of Material Resource Centre