Material Talk Series: ‘Today’s waste, Tomorrow’s eco-material’ (OOObject X Material Resource Centre)

Language: Cantonese

We need to reclaim overconsumed resources and understand waste streams. We can find a new function for them, identify appropriate processes to recycle them, and most importantly, change our connection with waste. To achieve this, we need a new way, a new vocabulary, a new aesthetic that represents waste sources as something desirable.

This online talk will cover these topics:

  • The introduction of OOObject
  • What is sustainable material
  • How to use the waste to be new material
  • The green project case study


Speaker: Mr C.L. Lam, Director of OOObject C.L.

Lam has been exploring solutions to breathe new life and technology into daily waste. Lam has been posting on the growing consciousness of environmental issues by discovering opportunities in the green houseware market. He is now a leading advocate for waste reduction and upcycling in Hong Kong. His innovative and eco-friendly design brand OOOBJECT aims at promoting a sustainable lifestyle by creative recycling, regeneration, and redistribution.