Material Talk: RE: think-The Revolutionary Sustainable Solution In The Plastic Industry | BD8 Ecoplastics Limited

The Material Resource Centre invited BD8, a Hong Kong plastic manufacturer revolutionising bioplastic, to deliver a new episode of Material Talk on 'Revolutionary Sustainable Solution In The Plastic Industry' on 31 August. The company is specialised in research and development of biodegradable biopolymers.

In this talk, the speakers will introduce the signature characteristics of bioplastics, and a broad range of biodegradable products available in the market. Apart from briefing attendees on the various common green policies and proposals, BD8 will explain the merits and disadvantages of common sustainable solutions. It will also look into the possibility of potential opportunities involved with bioplastics, the feasibility of implementing sustainable marketing strategies, and why it is double-edged from the perspective of an enterprise.

This talk will cover:

  • What is bioplastic? 
  • Biodegradable plastics are the future
  • Process of biodegradable plastic
  • The case studies in the market
  • Q&A




Mr Orwell Wan & Ms W.Y. Chan | BD8 Ecoplastics Limited.


Man Tsang | Officer of Material Resource Centre