Maker Faire Hong Kong 2017

Maker Faire originates from California, USA.

"Maker Faire Hong Kong 2017 x Make Big" is a must-attend event for Hong Kong Makers. Sponsored by Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation, PolyU Design is celebrating this big event together with more than 150 local and international Makers.

The event will be held on 8 and 9 April 2017 with a series of happenings, including exhibitions, workshops, sharings, and ten “Makers’ Day” in different neighbourhoods.

Together we hope to promote “Maker Culture” to the general public, demonstrating creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Since 2006, over 200 Maker Faires have been launched around the globe – including Maker Faire Hong Kong.

About the Organiser & Presenter:
PolyU Design launched the first edition of Maker Faire in Hong Kong in 2015 to promote creative inventions in the city and broaden the horizon of students. It is our mission to breed open-minded and proactive design talents, who will conduct practice-based research and contribute to local design industry, all the while developing their global version. Maker Faire targets participants who are forward-looking, original and entrepreneurial, its core values coincide with that of PolyU Design. It is believed that through participation and experience, students can learn much outside the classroom, and bring Maker culture to local community and group, thereby fostering positive change to Hong Kong society as a whole.

“Maker Faire Hong Kong 2017 x Make Big" is sponsored by Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation. Standard Chartered has grown with Hong Kong for over 150 years, while the Bank continues to contribute to the economic development of the city, it also emphasises sustainable development and community engagement, especially in the areas of youth, health, education and the environment. To live up to the brand promise “Here for good”, Standard Chartered has chosen to support “Maker Faire Hong Kong 2017 x Make Big" to make Hong Kong a more creative and vibrant city.


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