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What will be the challenges? What are the possible roles of design in entrepreneurship? How to equip successful start-ups with the mindset, process and methods of design entrepreneurship?  

Unlike the traditional business environment, business organisations today operate in an entrepreneurial environment, marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Design is known for adding or creating value in entrepreneurial business in various ways and perspectives, including an approach to entrepreneurial opportunity, a process as entrepreneurial logic and methods applied in the entrepreneurial process. The integrative nature of design synergises technology, marketability and aesthetics efficiently.

In this new context, the designer as entrepreneur seeks opportunities and aligns stakeholders in the complex and dynamic context to achieve sustainable and practical innovation. Entrepreneur as designer develops and applies design thinking and design management capability to business development. These imply the challenges of design education for the next generation of designers. What might be the relationships between design and entrepreneurship? How to empower our design students to face future challenges? 

Our discussion will include but not be limited to three directions. (1) Design in entrepreneurship: the designer's role in an entrepreneurial organisation or a project team? How does a designer participate and contribute as a team member for crossdisciplinary collaboration? Or to lead the business as a founder or co-founder? (2) Design for entrepreneurship: what might be an effective design method or tool for entrepreneurship? What kind of core knowledge and skills would design students need for entrepreneurship? And (3) Design with entrepreneurship: How design could collaborate with other functions in an entrepreneurial business process or project to achieve success in product and market performance? As external resources, how does design serve entrepreneurial projects? 

Given the ongoing discourse, we sincerely invite you to present and share your views in the 2022 Leadership Forum on Design Education - a concurrent event under the Business of Design Week (BODW) programme. This Leadership Forum is jointly presented by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Design Centre. The theme of this year is "DESIGN & ENTREPRENEURSHIP".

The Leadership Forum will be a full-day event bringing together renowned leaders from industry and academia for high-level dialogues and discussions to provide insights to shape the future of design and entrepreneurship. 

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Prof. Francesco Zurlo 

Dean of the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Francesco Zurlo, full professor of Industrial Design, is Dean of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano. His research interests focus on strategic, systemic, and creative research-through-design, considering the sustainable impact of business innovations and human flourishing. Professor Zurlo is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Observatory of Design Thinking for Business of Politecnico di Milano and ADI (Italian Design Association) Index. He is director of the Executive Master in Design Strategy and System Innovation and of the Master in Service and Strategic Design.

André Nogueira

Deputy Director, Design Laboratory at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, U.S.A.

André Nogueira, Ph.D., is the Co-Founder and Deputy Director of the Design Laboratory at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he also serves as a Research Scientist and Instructor for the Department of Health Policy and Management. André investigates how design frameworks and methods can help improve the well-being of people, organizations, and the ecosystems within which they live. His work has been funded by diverse organizations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Services, Chicago Community Trust, USAID, and awarded by Fast Company and Core 77.Throughout his journey, André has been an entrepreneur, creating and leading a design studio working across scales and sectors, from product and furniture design to institutional buildings and new neighborhoods. He has also led intrapreneurial initiatives in both the corporate world, helping organizations build their sustainability competence, and in academic institutions in the US and Brazil, building design laboratories that expand their capacity to bridge theory and practice through cross-sectorial partnerships. Combined, these experiences led him to be awarded in the first 40 under 40 Public Health Catalyst Awards by the Boston Public Health Congress. In parallel to his work at Harvard, André also advises senior executives and leaders in the public and social sectors interested in building design capacity within their organizations.

Prof. Peter Childs 

Co-Director, Energy Futures Lab | Professorial Lead in Engineering Design, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

Professor Peter Childs is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Co-Director of the Energy Futures Lab at Imperial and Professorial Lead in Engineering Design at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London. He is also a Founder Director at Chairperson at Q-Bot Ltd, a robotics company specialising in robots for applying for underfloor thermal insulation, and Director and Chairperson at BladeBUG Ltd, specialising in hexapod robots for wind-turbine inspection and maintenance.


Hiroshi Tamura

Co-founder and Managing Director, Re:public Inc., Japan

Hiroshi Tamura started his career at Hakuhodo Inc., one of major advertising agencies in Asia and has developed his expertise in research through investigating in digital media, ethnographic praxis and design-led innovation aka. design thinking. After leaving Hakuhodo, Hiroshi launched Re:public, a novel think-do-tank dedicated to innovation architecture, and started a new initiative to co-develop innovation ecosystems partnering with government, industry and university at home and overseas. Hiroshi also serves as Co-Founder and Executive Fellow at i.school of The University of Tokyo where ground-breaking interdisciplinary innovation education program is offered to all the schools at the university since 2009.

Jun Su 

Founder and CEO, Smartmi, Mainland China

Su Jun, Ph.D. of the Art of Design at Tsinghua University, the visiting scholar at University of Washington, the regional director of China in Korea Asia Pacific Design Association, the director of Beijing Original Design Promotion Association (BODA), the executive director of the greater China area of International Design Federation (IDF). He served as the dean, the associate professor and the master's supervisor at the Department of Industrial Design at North China University of Technology (NCUT). He established Smartmi in 2014. It is the unicorn of smart home products in the global market, an important layout of the Xiaomi Ecosystem. 

James O 

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Advertising, GoGoX Holdings Limited, Hong Kong

O Hing Pong James is Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Advertising of GoGoX Holdings Limited (“GoGoX” or the “Group”). He oversees GoGoX’s brand management, marketing strategies, and promotion activities. Throughout the years, James has successfully enhanced GoGoX’s brand awareness and established its brand identity through various creative marketing activities. James has also designed GoGoX’s user-friendly app interface, enabling the company to provide efficient, easy to use delivery services, thus enhancing delivery efficiency.

Before starting up GoGoX, James worked in global advertising agencies including McCann Worldgroup, Leo Burnett, DDB, Ogilvy & Mather, to name but a few. With his extensive experience in the advertising industry, James led several award-winning campaigns. James graduated with first class honours for his bachelor’s degree in advertising design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


AM Session

Time (HKT or UTC/GMT +8 hr)

Moderator: Dr Sylvia Xihui Liu
Associate Professor, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

9:00 AM


9:30 AM

Welcome Remarks

Prof. Kun Pyo Lee

Dean, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


(24 Nov, 8:40PM in Boston) 

Mr André Nogueira

Deputy Director, Design Laboratory at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, U.S.A.


(11:10AM in Tokyo)

Mr Hiroshi Tamura

Co-founder and Managing Director, Re:public Inc., Japan



Dr Jun Su (online)

Founder/CEO, Smartmi, Mainland China


Panel Discussion 1
Chair: Dr Sylvia Xihui LIU

Speakers: Dr Su, Mr Nogueira and Mr Tamura


END of AM Session


PM Session

Time (HKT or UTC/GMT +8 hr)

Moderator:  Mr Keith Tam

Head of Department, Communication Design, Hong Kong Design Institute, HK


Mr James O

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Advertising, GOGOX HOLDINGS LIMITED, Hong Kong


(7:00AM in Milan)

Prof. Francesco Zurlo (Online)

Dean of the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 


Networking break


(7:00 AM in London)

Prof. Peter Childs  (Online)

Co-Director, Energy Futures Lab | Professorial Lead in Engineering Design, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, UK


Panel Discussion 2
Chair: Keith Tam

Speakers: Mr O, Prof. Zurlo and Prof. Childs


Closing Remarks: Mr Keith Tam


END of Forum

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哔哩哔哩直播链接: http://live.bilibili.com/22412639

未来的挑战将会是什么? 设计在创业中潜在的角色会是什么? 如何使成功的初创公司掌握设计创业的思维、步骤和方法?



1) 创业中的设计: 在企业组织或项目团队中,设计师的角色是什么?作为团队中的成员,设计师如何参与和贡献于跨领域的合作之中? 抑或是,作为创始人或联合创始人的设计师,如何来引领整个项目?
2) 为创业而设计:针对创业的有效设计方法或工具可能是什么?哪些类型的核心知识和技能将会是学生在未来创业中所需要的?
3) 设计与创业:在创业商业过程或项目中,设计如何协同其他功能,以取胜于产品与市场表现?作为外在资源,设计如何为创业/企业项目提供适切的服务﹖

2022设计教育领袖论坛 作为设计营商周计划的并行活动,由香港理工大学设计学院、香港知专设计学院以及香港设计中心合办。2022年的主题是「设计与创业」。此全日论坛将云集业界和学术界的知名人士进行高层对话与讨论,为共同塑造设计和创业之未来提供富有洞察之见解。


André Nogueira先生

Francesco Zurlo教授
意大利米兰理工大学设计学院 院长

田村大 先生
日本Re:public Inc.联合创始人兼董事总经理

Peter Childs教授

苏峻 博士

柯兴邦 先生
香港GoGoX联合创始人兼市务及广 告部主管





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