KOKUYO Design Award Seminar

PolyU School of Design is the Venue Partner of this event.

General Manager of the Business Planning Office, Brand Creation Center of KOKUYOMr. Takeshi Fujiki will announce the 2016 KOKUYO Design Award theme, submission requirements, judges, prizes and submission method in the seminar. Also, he will select some past winning designs and share the procedures of developing them into products.

KOKUYO品牌創作總監藤木武史先生會於說明會中首度公開2016年KOKUYO Design Award主題、評審標準、評審團隊介紹、獎項及報名方法,並首次於香港分享過往得獎作品被生產成商品的過程及花絮。

Japanese Stationery King Mr. Masayuki Takabatake plays a very important role in stationery industry for years. He will walk attendees through the history of Japanese stationery inventions, and share about the influence of Japanese history & culture on stationery in an interesting way. Meanwhile, he will disclose his collection and the stationery display in his home!


Language: English & Japanese (with English translation)
語言: 英語及日語(英語翻譯)