Studio Exhibition (7/F): Houseware Design

SD2462 Houseware Design is an elective subject open to 3rd and the 4th year product design students.

Students need to design a product which is primarily used within household environments. Their design should be innovative, either in terms of design, material, technology, usage etc and should be in    relation to user, market and technology innovation that fulfill consumers’ desire in product aesthetic and function through a standard Industrial Design Process.

The goals of this projects are to explore user-oriented product innovation concepts using branding strategies in order to design a well brand positioned products, and to apply an analytical approach to design and form development through analysis of design elements of: form, material, colors, finishes and scale.

Students are strongly encouraged take an opportunity to do as an individual project rather than a group project, in order to train themselves to run the whole design process from research to finish concept. Some of students did in groups but most of students did it individually. 



Scott Chin


Year 3 and Year 4 Product Design Student