Hong Kong Beyond Vision [Teaser 2]


[Mon - Fri] : 12PM - 7PM [Sat - Sun]: 11AM - 6PM

A Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) exhibition

"Hong Kong Beyond Vision [Teaser 2]" exhibition is featuring a series of Tactile-Audio Interaction System [TAIS] Panels; which includes the Mona Lisa, PMQ[past-life], Big Buddha, Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong; as well as some cultural visual elements or authentic objects that representing Hong Kong. All selected elements will be carefully crafted & converted into the Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) panels which allow both sighted and non-sighted visitors to touch, to hear and to feel. The exhibition enables to provide a memorable & engaging multi-sensory visual art experience.

TAIS is a new multidimensional approach in art and culture that excites and enhances mental image building for both sighted and non-sighted. TAIS is an interactive platform that enables the visitors to perceive and understand visual information through touching and hearing with the integration and synchronization of tactile painting and audio description.

“If you love where you live; touch it, hear it & feel it, be part of it.”

Beyond Vision Projects:
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