PolyU Faculty Seminar Series: School of Design

PolyU is launching the first Faculty Seminar Series this year, targeting students in Secondary 3 to Secondary 6, as well as their parents and teachers. More than 30 distinguished academics from different disciplines, including faculty Deans, department Heads and other PolyU faculty members, will be invited to share important information about admission to PolyU, via seven online seminars commencing 11 May. The speakers will also share with participants the rationale behind PolyU’ s new departmental scheme-based admission, as well as the components of the various curriculums. Students will be able to gain a broader perspective and so be better prepared to set their academic goals early, and eventually better equipped for their studies and career development.

Prof. Kun-Pyo Lee, Dean of PolyU School will meet you virtually on 19 May to talk about design and design programmes that talented young people can consider to pursue. 

Students, parents and teachers who are interested in participating can register online: https://polyu.hk/XyEHa

For more information, please visit: https://www.polyu.edu.hk/geo/facultyseminarseries