Public Lecture: "Thinking Design & Design Thinking in the Era of Industry 4.0" by Eric C. Yim

Speaker: Eric C. Yim, JP, Professor of Practice (Product Design)

There is no doubt that our society and economy are facing numerous new demands and new challenges.   The influence of Industry 4.0 is rapidly on the rise.  Industry 4.0  will certainly change the landscape of manufacturing and generate new business opportunities.  Meanwhile, the design industry and the concept of design are going through fundamental changes.  Designers today involve not only in the design of products and problem solving but in user experience design.  Design thinking can be used to meet the real needs of people.  Taking the “Google self-driving car project” as an example, the project has applied technology and creativity to the car design, thereby creating social impact by making people's life more convenient and improving mobility for everyone, including the elderly and the people who can't drive.   Design is powerful.  We should contemplate and cherish how design can improve our quality of life! 

This is a public lecture. All are welcome.